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The Ron and Luna Show.

The Ron and Luna Show is what I hope will be a recurrent feature on the site's Fun Stuff. I've written the first episode which more or less explains everything you need to know about what it is all about. If I can I will update it weekly, so it becomes a weekly show. And without further ado, here it is:

The Ron and Luna Show.
Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen in the audience, I welcome you to the very first episode of The Ron and Luna Show. Where Mr and Mrs Weasley gives their views on misconceptions about their relationship. Our Host is Shantari, a Ron/Luna-shipper dedicated to digging up the weird and the absurd, so that we may find out what Ron and Luna actually think of this. Welcome Shantari. *Shantari steps on to the scene and take place behind a desk with a computer, and a waterboiler right next to it.* Shantari: Hi Everybody! Audience: Hi Doctor Shantari! Shantari: Ehhh, I don’t got a Doctors degree... Dr Nick: You say that like you need one. Shantari: What are you doing here? Get out and get your own show! *Dr Nick trips off.* Announcer: Soo, Shantari. Now that the unexpected disturbance is gone, could you tell us more about the show? This is the first episode after all. Shantari: Quite simply I sit by the computer and look through different sites to find the weirdest and dumbest ideas that Ron/Luna sprout into people’s minds. While the main focus will be on the whacked out theories on why Ron and Luna could or should not form a couple, we may at times end up on crackpot theories from our side that aren’t helping. We will also take a look at fanfic-trends and mischaracterization as we get it in. Then when I have something that needs our attention, I prepair it to be presented to Mr and Mrs Ron and Luna Weasley and of course the audience. Audience: Woooohhh. *Shantari blushes, since she feels like Jerry Springer.* Shantari: We then leave it up to Ron and Luna to comment on it and possibly discuss it. If there’s something that goes beyound their understanding. I’ll be sitting here ready to answer any questions they may have. Announcer: Are the rumours true about random guests appearing? Shantari: Yes, they’re true. As we see fit, we’ll invite other characters from the HP-universe, as well as other shippers. For todays episode it’s fairly quiet. According to the rooster, we are not scheduled for a single one surprise guest as of today. The guests are a surprise until they enter, unless they already sit here with me in the beginning. Announcer: Sounds interesting. Who’d be the shippers invited? Shantari: Of course if something is brought to my attention by a shipper, I’ll extend an invitation to that shipper. If accepted we’ll talk things through via mail, messenger or in the way that seems fit at the time. My friend Moonstruck, lovely named Moony, may come to be the most often showing guest. And if I due to illness or whatever reason can’t be the host, she may be the guest host. But now I think we should let our couple in on stage. Announcer: Then without further ado, I give you the stars of the show, Ron Weasley and Luna Lovegood Weasley. *Ron and Luna enters the scene under heavy applauds from the audience, while Shantari drools in squee-haven over the thought of “Luna Loves Good Weasley”. Shantari snaps to reality and gathers some blank papers with a important look on her face. Ron and Luna goes past the two armchairs standing by a coffee table and plumps down next to each other in a two seated sofa, almost next to the desk.* Shantari: Hi Ron. Hi Luna. Ron: Hi Shantari. Luna: Hi Shantari. Shantari: Right, pleasantries taken care off. Shantari: So, todays topic is “Did Luna really have a crush on Ron during Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix? Or was she just being her usual crazy self?” Well, Luna, it seems to be aimed at you. Any comments? Luna: Hmmm, I did not have a crush on Ronald. Shantari and Ron: You what? Luna: I’ve loved you all the time, Ronni-Poo-Poo. I never bothered with crushing on you. Shantari: Ronnie-Poo-Poo? Ron: Ssch, not in public, Luna. Luna: Oh you silly. *Luna kisses Ron, while Shantari makes use of the distraction to write down the nickname for future use.* Shantari: Erhm! Back to business. People have stated that you behave to abnormal around people, for anything in your behaviour to be directly pointed out as a sign of a crush or loving feelings for Ronald. Do you have anything to say about this? Luna: Hmmm. Hmmm, well to begin with, I know that there are some who called me Loony Lovegood back then, although now everyone calls me Loony Weasley. Ron: They do? Still? Who? Let me at ‘em! *Ron rises out of sofa only to be pulled down by Luna.* Luna: Honey, it doesn’t matter if I’m a Loony, as long as I’m your Loony. But anyway, as I was saying, I know that I am a bit on the Loony side of things, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m a girl. Or woman nowadays, you get my point. I do remember how I was back then. There were times actually when I’d realize just the moment after that I had revealed who my feelings were for a little too obviously. Oh now I remember when I more or less told Ronald that I wanted to go to the Yule Ball with him. I was so afraid that I’d start blushing that I hid myself behind the issue of The Quibbler I was reading at the moment. Ron: When did you tell me that? Luna: When I told you that Padma didn’t like being your date, because you wouldn’t dance, and I said that I wouldn’t have minded. I really wouldn’t have minded being your date back then. Ron: Oh. Oh! I get it now. That makes sense. But why didn’t you just ask me out back then? If I’d known I could have gone with you, I could have actually had some fun. Luna: But honey, it would have been wrong of me as a Third year to do the asking. You would have assumed that I’d just look for a way to get into the Ball. Shantari: I think we are getting a bit sidetracked here. Luna, could we please return to your signals of being in love with Ron? Luna: Of course. Shantari: Now, it has been brought to my attention that when you were at the Three Broomsticks with Rita Skeeter, Harry and Hermione, you were at one point humming “Weasley is our King". Is this correct? Luna: Yes it is. Shantari: Why were you humming that tune? Luna: Oh it’s quite catchy, and it reminded me of my Ronald so it made me feel like he was right there with me. *Ron blushes.* Shantari: How do you respond to the accusations that the good “Weasley is our King”-song had not yet been written, and that you were in fact humming to a song that insulted Ron? Luna: What? I was humming it. If I had enjoyed it for its lyrics derogating Ron, instead of just reminding me of him, I would have sung it instead. Shantari: Thank you for clearing that up. That would seem to be all for today. Thank you both for attending. *Ron and Luna rise up from the sofa to shake hands with Shantari and leaves the stage. Shantari turns to face the audience.* Shantari: That is it for today’s show. Join us next week as we dig up even worse and absurd misconceptions of the couple we know as Ron and Luna Weasley. God night! Drive safely and remember to send your mail to our station, marked The Ron and Luna Show if you wish to bring our attention to the absurd. And now a word from our sponsors. *The lights turn off as the audience starts to leave.*

Comment please. I don't mind changing things if I have to.
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