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Welcome to the Keeper of Dreams LJ Community!!

Hello, I'm silverjedi (also known as Moonstruck). This community is the offical community for the Keeper of Dreams website (see above links in title bar). What this community will do is offer updates on the site and let LJ R/L users interact. ^_^ It'll be like the forum only LJ style. :D

Ok, I guess, first things first: content. We really need content. If you want to submit anything, email us at

Right now we have three essays and one fan fic. We plan on getting hosted sometime soon. We would like for some of the sections to be filled up before we go ask.

Here are two of the essays and my opinion on them. ^_^

Moonstruck Part I by Louielacious

My opinion on this essay: I think it's the best. Very detailed. Also long, I haven't coded Part II, yet. ^_^;; The essay is also gives great insight of Ron's character and what he must go through in his journey. Luna's character, her role and how it relates to the plot (and possibly Ron?) is also very interesting. Louielacious comes up with the famous love chain and shows how Ron's interest in other girls leads to Luna.

Ron and Luna: Luna Chooses her King by Sienna

This essay is part of Sirius Black: Psychopomp and Guardian, His Role in H/Hr essay. The entire essay explores how Sirius and other objects and animals are involved in Harry and Hermione. However, one part of this huge essay explores the role Luna may have in Harry's life. Sienna brings up the concept of the Sol (Sun) and Luna (Moon) and how their marrage is a key part for the search for the Philosopher’s Stone. While she says that Harry is closely connected to the Sun, there are signs that Luna Lovegood has already chosen a king for herself and it's not Harry! Wonderful essay, Sienna! ^_^

The other essay up at the site is Spiders, Moons and Necklaces, Oh My! However, this essay is my own and I don't think it's good to put my opinion on my own essay. Someone else will do that. ^_^

Well, welcome to the Keeper of Dreams LJ Community! Hope you all have fun here!
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