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The Ron and Luna Show

The Ron and Luna Show.

Announcer: Laaaaadies and gentlemeeeen! I give you, our beloved yet quirky host, Shantaaaaaaarriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...

*Announcer doubles over as he gasps and coughs for breath*

Shantari: I keep telling you not to overdo it. Anyway, once our announcer have catched his breath, we can go on with the show. And today we have a very packed episode.

*The announcer rises up again quickly, alert and ready.*

Announcer: That's right! We have some guests from the world of Harry Potter, as well as interesting discussion that is generally the core of Ron/Luna's possibility to be in the books.

Shantari: Namely whether or not the romance is "there" enough, or if another romance would be likely. Now, as you can all probably understand, there will be some discussion of Ron/Hermione in this episode, as well of Ron/Lavender. As some of us enjoy both Ron/Luna and Ron/Hermione equally, you can rest assured, I won't try and paint Ron/Hermione in a bad perspective. Mostly, the goal of this episode is to show that there are other options. And of course, to have a good time at it.

Announcer: SO then, without further delay, I give you Ronald and Luna Lovegood Weasleeeeeeeey....!

*Ron and Luna enters the stage, to the thundering cheer of the audience. Shakes hands with Shantari, as per usual, and then sit down in their designated sofa.*

Shantari: There now, how are the two of you?

Ron: We're fine, thank you.

Shantari: Good, good. Are you ready to give the audience some answers about your relationship?

Ron: *noticeably flustered* Well, ehhhh, we think so.

*Ron eyes the squeeing audience suspiciously.*

Luna: Don't worry, honey. They won't touch you as long as I'm around.

*Shantari sniggers to herself, as she realizes that Luna has seen through the Ron/Luna-fangirls' one weakness. They'd rather have Ron for Luna than for themselves.*

Shantari: Ahem, right. Now like last time, we're gonna need another voice on this subject. So seeing as we are going to discuss Ron's relationship with other witches in his life, we have our first guest for today. Take it away, Phil!

Ron: Phil?

Announcer (Phil): That's right! Give a hand for miss Hermioooooone Granger!

Ron: No really, Phil?

*Hermione Granger enters the stage, shaking hands with Ron, Luna and finally Shantari, before taking a seat in an armchair that seems to be the same one Moonstruck sat in in the previous episode.*

Shantari: So, how are you?

Hermione: Oh, just fine. With Voldemort gone, there's a lot less worrying to be done, even though there's still a lot of work to do.

Shantari: Good to hear you're fine. Now, our first point on the agenda.

*Shantari pulls out a clip-board with a list clipped on to it.*

Shantari: "Ron has to get together with Hermione." It's kind of a heavy topic, but I figured we could take that one first. Then the other ones will be a breeze. So to start off, here are some usual reasons for Ron having to get together with Hermione.

*A stageworker comes up on the stage with the mobile white board, that has a list written on it.*

Shantari: Thank you, Jerry.

Stageworker: It's Terry!

Shantari: Whatever! Now, the first one "If Ron doesn't get together with Hermione, she'll be alone.", is the most usual and understandable one. Hermione is a good girl, she should be together with someone whom she can experience happiness with.

*Hermione blushes a bit.*

Shantari: However, Ron is not the only available option on that front. Therefor we welcome our next guest. Phil?

Hermione: Phil?

Luna: It's a nice name, don't you think?

Announcer: Laaaaaadies mostly, and also gentlemen, I give you Viktor Kruuuum!

*Viktor Krum enters the stage under heavy loads of squealing from the females in the audience. He shakes hand with Ron, Luna and Shantari curtly, before seating himself in a arm chair next to Hermione, resting his hand on hers.*

Shantari: Now, I know what some in the audience are thinking. The main ship-war is between Ron/Hermione and Harry/Hermione, and therefor should have been settled with Harry going out with Ginny. However, Viktor does have a history with Hermione, and he does treat her nice. Or what do you say about that, Hermione?

Hermione: You're right in that, Shantari. Viktor has always been a good friend and companionship. And we are after all currently dating.

Shantari: Precisely, and if we also add Neville, who has showed signs of liking you a whole lot, besides being a caring and generally sweet young man, plus other guys who have found you to be quite a catch, it would be quite presumptious to say you'd be alone without Ron. As for the next point on our agenda... Ron, are you feeling alright?

*Ron looked a bit surly at Hermione and Viktor sitting next to each other.*

Hermione: Don't tell me you're still not over that. For Christ's sake, Ron, you're married to Luna now. Who I went to the ball with when we were kids, shouldn't matter...

Ron: Still missing the bloody point.

Luna: Ron, let it go. We've been through this.

Ron: I just don't understand how someone who can't even pronounce Wronski's Feint properly could... And call him Viktor!

Luna: Forgive and forget, honey. Idols doesn't always favor their biggest fans.

Ron: It's just plain unfair, that's what it is! Even Shantari, who doesn't care for the sport, she calls him so casually!

Luna: I know, but life isn't always fair.

*Viktor, Hermione and Shantari sweat-drops.*

Shantari: Well, I happen to like the sport, thank you very much. I'm just not a fanatic. But this is a interesting lead into our next reason. "The tension between Ron and Hermione has to be resolved, and must therefor lead into romance."

*Hermione snorts, while Ron spits out some water.*

Shantari: *mumbling* Maybe I shouldn't have glasses of water for the guests...

Ron: What!? That's ridiculous!

Hermione: Quite ridiculous. I mean, our tension was mostly us unable to get along or agree on just about anything. Harry has always been the one to pull us together. But despite our tension we've always been friends. I think it's a bit overdone to call our bickering tension some kind of major conflict. We just have differing personalities, that is all.

Ron: Plus if it's true what I've heard about some saying our tension is of sexual nature, when we've had tension between us since we were eleven or twelve or something... Ewww.

*Ron and Shantari shudder.*

Shantari: And now we're done to our final reason for Ron and Hermione having to get together, "There's no one else for Ron."... Hmm, this is actually a seperate point on our agenda. Must have written it twice on my to-do-lists.

Hermione: Not too good at organizing, are we?

Shantari: I figured the clip-board would cover for me... Anyway, we can then roll out the White board and move straight to the point. Tjerry?

*Terry sighs, but does his job dutifully anyway, taking away the white board.*

*Shantari loks at her clip-board*

Shantari: Now then, next point is "Ron/Luna is not properly developed in the books to at all be possible." This concerns the development of the relationship on screen in the Harry Potter books. This is a very intriguing question, because to me it would seem more developed than some other relationships we've seen in the books. Ron/Lavender, for instance. Of course Ron/Lavender was never meant to last, and was more of that one immature relationship before moving on to a more mature one. So why wouldn't Ron/Luna be that mature relationship?

*Shantari looks through her stack of papers.*

Shantari: Ahh, here we go! Now, what I find most amusing with Ron/Luna being considered to have too little development, is the fact that they don't really need that much development. Ron isn't the maincharacter after all, his name isn't in any of the booktitles or such. So what would be the harm in his relationship being less on screen than the relationship of Harry Potter? For literary purposes, none. In fact, if the Hero's relationship is overshadowed by the relationship, or relationships, of his friends, frankly I'd be surprised, seeing how we're supposed to care mostly about him.

*Shantari rummages through some more papers. Finding she can't find the ones she's looking for, she starts to panic. Terry shows up and gives the papers to her, before trotting back off stage.*

Shantari: Thanks! You're a lifesaver, Bob.

*Terry finally loses it and has to be hold back by Phil (the announcer, remember?), so as not to attack Shantari from behind.*

Announcer: Let it go, Terry. Let it go.

Shantari: Returning back to topic, Ron/Luna has still seen some interesting development. For one thing, Ron's view of Luna changed dramatically over the course of just two books. From finding her weird and unpredictable, he ehhh, still finds her kind of weird and unpredictable, but first and foremost, he finds her much more lovable by now. Luna is also shown to first find him likable, then seeing he has his faults, to then realizing that she still liked him. Furthermore, they did have a lot of scenes together in the fifth book, or rather they did a lot of connecting in the scenes they were together in, that shouldn't be discounted so easily. And the scene with the Gurdyroot seems a bit superfluous if not to build up Ron/Luna's relationship with each other. Should I roll the clip again?

*Ron blushes.*

Ron: It was embarrassing enough the first time.

Shantari: Fine! Point remains though, if this scene was only to show Ron's maturing, why was it necessarily through Luna? Why not the girl he was destined to get together with? Unless...

*Shantari grins broadly.*

Hermione: Excuse me, Shantari?

Shantari: Mmm, yes?

Hermione: Is there a conclusion to all of this? You seem to be rambling, and we're nearing the end of the alloted time.

Shantari: We have a alloted time?

Announcer: Yes we do.

Shantari: Why wasn't I told? No matter, conclusion, eh? Well...

Announcer: And that's all the time we have! You know the drill, Shantari!

Shantari: Ah! Ehhh, yes. And now a message from our sponsors, and tune in next time!

*Shantari draws in her breath.*

Shantari: Joinusnexttimewhenwefinishthisdiscussion!

*Shantari doubles over as she gasps and coughs for breath*

Announcer: I keep telling you not to overdo it. *turns to the audience* Don't forget, if you have a question for Shantari, Ron and or Luna, give us a message.

*The lights turn off and the audience starts to disperse.*

ETA: I'm considering advertising the show on ronluna. Any thoughts?
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