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The Ron and Luna Show.

The Ron and Luna Show.
(Behind the scenes.)

*By the desk on the scene, a young woman is lying with her head on the keyboard, snoring loudly.*

Shantari: Zzzzzzzzzzzz... eh, wuzhzz? Wha? Whe?

*Shantari looks up and around.*

Shantari: Oh, must have fallen asleep after the last episode. (See the last episode.)

*Looks around in the dark and desserted studio.*

Shantari: I'm all alone and abandoned!

*seems worried and panicked*

Shantari: Ahh, who cares? Lets look what's been going on on the internet while I was out!

*Shantari turns on the computer. Waits for it. Makes herself some tea.*

Shantari: Come on! Work, damn you! Ah, there we go!

*She surfs for some time. Her brow creases.*

Shantari: Hermione is the only one for Ron? The only one? Luna isn't more developed for Ron than for others? Ron/Luna needs loads of more development to at all be feasable? Well, I'll be! This is workable material! DO you guys want me to do an episode on it?

*Shantari turns to the empty audience stands. Crickets chirp as a tumbleweed passes by.*

Shantari: Then it's settled! Now, what to do while I wait for my staff to show up for today's work?

*glances at abandoned dart gun before picking it up*

Shantari: Hmm, a FG-47 Dartgun. Loaded with Sedative Turbo-56 Darts, I see. *shrugs shoulders* Why not?

*Shoots herself with a dart, collapsing back on the keyboard to sleep soundly.*

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