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Is the Game Over?

Well, it's August First. It's been over two weeks since HBP and what seems to be the end of Red Moon. Does this mean that we Red Mooners are going to hang up our Keeper Quidditch gear? No way! Shantari and I have talked and neither of us want to shut down Keeper of Dreams. The site will go on!

Keeper of Dreams will continue asking and accepting essays about Red Moon. It doesn't matter what the subject is as long as it's postive for Ron/Luna.

Fan fic and art will most certainly be accepted. We still have a long way to go to put stuff on the site.

Shantari is still going to write the Ron and Luna show. That should prove interesting.

Some people may wonder why we are keeping the site up (Herons, more likely). Well, it's like this: Ron/Luna is (for some) our ideal love. To me, Shantari and other R/L shippers, we feel the characters would mature greatly than R/Hr would (some of our multi-shippers on board here may disagree, sorry if I offended you T_T ). In short, we are not giving up on R/L just because of book six. We are going to enjoy the couple and not let others ruin our fun.

That is why Shantari and I want to keep Keeper of Dreams open. We still intend to submit a proposal to Nappa about hosting. We still intend to post essays and maintain this community. Nothing's going to stop us from doing it!

So R/L fans unite! Keeper of Dreams is still playing in the game. We are just playing by our own rules now!
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